Brake Repair in Waterford, MI

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Stop with Confidence

At Select Auto Care in Waterford, MI, we don’t underestimate the importance of fully-functional brakes. Most drivers don’t think twice when they hit the brake pedal, which is the way it should be with operational brakes. Drivers should feel confident to depend on their car, so they can enjoy driving. But not everything is built to last forever. If you wait until your brake pads wear out completely, you could be left stranded and waiting for a tow. Even though Select Auto Care offers roadside towing service, save yourself the stress of worrying about your brakes by scheduling an appointment for a brake inspection today. The best time to get brake service is before major breakdowns and failures. If you hear loud squealing when coming to a stop or notice your car bumps instead of glides to a stop, it is time to visit the professionals for brake repair. We help our customers drive and stop with confidence in their car’s most important safety component.

A Job for the Professionals

As far as our customers know, brake repairs at Select Auto Care are quick and easy. That’s because we have highly experienced certified technicians and advanced tools and technology to handle complex brake repairs. Brakes are a complicated system of interconnected components, all subject to wear and tear over time. It takes a knowledgeable and experienced hand to accurately identify and fix problems. The safety of your vehicle and passengers depend on precision brake service. We go above and beyond brake repairs to monitor parts before they can fail and encourage all drivers in Waterford, MI, to visit us for regular brake service with our professional mechanics. We offer brake inspections and replacements with high quality parts to protect the braking system and promote safe driving.

Schedule Your Brake Repair Today!

Eliminate the risk of brake failure with help from the experts at Select Auto Care in Waterford, MI. We guarantee our repairs with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty, so you can leave our shop more confident than ever in your car’s performance. Our team of specialists is familiar with all makes and models and has decades of experience to quickly perform brake service. We pride ourselves in prompt turnaround for our busy customers, because we know you have other places to be than the auto repair shop. While we work on your car, enjoy our comfortable seating area with free WiFi and cable TV. Get work done in our convenient workspace or take advantage of our courtesy shuttle service to get you where you need to go. Call us today at (248) 674-3985 or use our online scheduling system to make your brake repair appointment. We look forward to seeing you!