Do You Have Bad Brakes?

Your car’s braking system is responsible for bringing your vehicle to a total and complete stop. They are critical to the safe operation of your car, so it is paramount to understand when they develop issues. This will allow you to get ahead of any small issues before they become major problems. If you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle’s brakes, look out for these common warning signs.

Pungent Smell Near the Tires

You should take note of any strange odors coming from your car. When your brakes are close to being worn out, they will emit a pungent, burning smell. You need to immediately bring your vehicle to a professional for brake maintenance to see what aspect of the braking system is causing the odor.

Squealing, Grinding, or Screeching Noises

Another common indicator that you need brake pad replacement is loud noises being present every time you apply the brakes. We’re specifically talking about squealing and grinding. If you hear squeaking while the brakes are in use, that indicates the pads are close to being worn out. You’ll have time to replace them, but we recommend acting at your earliest convenience. If you hear grinding, the brake pads have fully worn-out, and there is metal-on-metal contact between the calipers and brake disc. This is awful for the braking system, and we suggest a brake service at your earliest convenience.

Brake Warning Light

Your dashboard has various lights to tell you about your vehicle. When you see the brake warning light illuminate, you need to schedule an appointment with our technicians as soon as possible.

Pulsating or Vibrating Coming From the Pedal

You should know your cars brakes should feel like. It should feel smooth, so when you feel vibrations coming from the pedal, you are in trouble. This vibrating most likely comes from the rotors getting too warped. You may also feel these vibrations in the steering wheel.

Brake repair is one issue you never want to delay in your vehicle. Fortunately, the professionals at Select Auto Care know precisely what to look for, and we have helped numerous drivers across Waterford, Michigan. Schedule your appointment today so that you can drive safely around this great state.

Written by Select Auto Care

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